How to Prepare for PRIDE Weekend

How to Prepare for PRIDE Weekend

Pride weekend is celebrated almost every weekend across the country. People come together to celebrate love with our community.

Along with the PRIDE regulars that block off a day to a weekend to celebrate PRIDE every year, there are many first timers that plan to go but have no idea what to expect. Here are some tips on how to prepare to make sure your PRIDE weekend is a dream!

Pack Sealed Water Bottles
Stay hydrated! With the hot sun in June and the thousands of people around, hydration is key to making sure you get through the day well. In most cases where PRIDE is a festival that has an entrance fee, you can a sealed water bottle into the festival. Once in, water bottles can cost up to $5, so save yourself from spending those extra bucks and come prepared!

Prepare to Donate To Your Favorite Organizations
How much you give is how much you receive. Be part of the spirit of love and, if possible, donate to your favorite non-profits. There’ll be plenty of vendors to choose from (from ACLU to The Trevor Project) walking around and letting you know about what they do and the next big projects they’re working on. Many of these organizations are crowdfunded.

There’ll also be plenty of minority owned small businesses that need your support. From local gay pride costumes and props shops to food vendors, your local community thrives from the people’s support.

Express Yourself In Gay Pride Attire
Express yourself is a huge presence in the PRIDE community. Gay Pride costume shops and rentals give you plenty of rainbow attire and costume rental options to choose from to help you express yourself in anyway possible.

Get There Early for the PRIDE Parade
Often times, the PRIDE parade is before the festival opens. Be prepared for the huge crowds, limited parking and thin streets. Come early to get a spot with a great view. Don’t forget to bring a folding chair (unless you plan on standing and marching the whole time) and sunblock.

To go that extra mile, bring a sign that expresses your thoughts of love!  It can be extra detailed or just written in sharpie on a cardboard box. However you feel to express yourself is the right way to do it!

From people watching in their gay pride costumes and attire to talking to random neighbors who are all in a great mood, PRIDE is a place where you can really feel the love of the community.

Come prepared to show your love, support and PRIDE.

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