Summer Themed Parties

Summer Themed Parties

The summer is a great time for opportunities such as neighborhood or family gatherings. It’s the perfect part of the year to bring the bbq out and heat up some burgers. Hang with the kids and friends in the front yard through the day or even invite the kids’ friends over for a sleepover!

The great part about all of this is that you don’t have to wait until halloween to bring in the costumes. You can add costumes now for a themed party or a wacky event to entertain the kids. Costumes help bring a creative space to life and bring some character to a party.

A summer costume party will give you and the guests a chance to pick a  light, summer theme as opposed to the darker Halloween types. Throw on a party with a theme and you'll be surprised about the creative party costumes that people come with.

Here are some costume ideas for your summer party:

Blast from the past:

Doing this opens the doors from a raging 80’s themed party to a 20’s flapper theme. You’ll have a wide variety of friends in similar yet different party costumes yet still have the lighthearted playfulness of the summer weather.


Everyone has a superhero that they tend to look up to. Invite your guests to a superhero themed party, but let them think beyond the Marvel and DC characters. You’ll be thrilled to see how creative people can get!

Cartoon or TV character:

This is popular for parties that include kids. Invite the kids to come dressed up as a cartoon character of their choice. Let your guests get creative on which character they’re going to choose from.


Why not have a beach themed party? Even if there is no pool or water around, you can dress up the party area like a beach picnic and have your guests come in their most laid back beach or Hawaiian attire. To help cool the guests off, have some water games set up.  This lets you celebrate the summer in a costume that you probably wouldn’t wear for halloween.

A space like Disguise the Limit Costume Shop and Rental has vintage and authentic costumes they can be used for  many of these occasions over and over again. Browse through the website and feel free to give the shop call to inquire on any ideas and questions.

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