Cheshire Cat Tail with Belt Loop

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* Inspired by Alice in Wonderland's Cheshire Cat.

* This accessory has a loop at the top that a belt as wide as 3 inches could fit through. Tail measures 30 inches in length and with the belt loop is 33 inches total length. Circumfrance is 2 1/4 inches. The tail has an accordian plastic tube inserted to give it a sturdy but a flexiable authentic look. This tail is durable so you can let people pull on it but don't try to rescue anyone by lowering your tail down to pull someone up. It probablly wouldn't with stand the weight of a human. But it will with stand all night partying with people giving it a tug to get your attention.

* This pink, red and black zig zag faux fur is a soft, long pile which can be smoothed down for a sleek look or whip it around for a bushy tail appearance. This tail is washing machine safe but do not put in the dryer or the faux fur will matte up. Just hang to dry.

* Can be worn alone for that fun added accessory with your everyday wear or look for my matching cheshire cat detachable ears to make a complete set to your costume.

*** This tail is fully customizable meaning you can choose from the faux fur swatches photo above to get the exact cat, lion, monkey, dog or monster you are going for in your costume. Just put in the notes to seller which fur you desire.

*** If you forget to specify your choice of faux fur then I will email you to verify that you are choosing the Cheshire Cat Tail as shown above in pink, red and black zig zag.

Materials: faux fur,long pile faux fur,furry,plastic accordian tubing

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