Circus Conductor Top hat in gold and red corset burlesque style

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* The Circus Conductor Top hat in gold and red corset burlesque style
was inspired by circus conductors and the common color palet of the circus's during the 1800's through the early 1900's.

* All my designs are fully customizable. If you don't see fabric swatches here on my shop then don't hesitate to send your own photos of fabric you desire. I can do my best to match it and send you my finds for your final evaluation before creating your one of kind Top Hat by Topped Hats.

* This steampunk styled top hat can be worn for weddings or holidays such as Halloween and Day of the Dead. It also makes for a great conversational piece at most festivals such as Burning Man, Lightening in a Bottle, Handcar Regatta, Beggars Carnival and more...!

* Made with the finest home decor fabrics, black gimp braid trim is applied to the upper crown and lower brim as well as between each side panel. Crimped ribbon is wrapped around the base of the crown and tied into a knot on the left side. It comes fully lined in black and silver paisley silk brocade.

Fabrics for this hat are available but limited so please check with me by email for availability on fabrics shown. If you want to customize your Groom's Victorian Steampunk Top Hat then you may choose from the various fabric swatches shown on the other listing of my Tim Burton Top Hat. You may also add different fabrics by selecting the number in the swatch box at check out in the 'To Seller" box. You are limited to 3 to 4 choices of fabric not including the silk brocade. If you forget I will email you which fabric choices I am choosing or you may email your choices. You have 1 day to get your choices in as I will be begin to make your hat one day after sale.

*Size comes in various sizes from small to extra large. As well as heights (5inches - 6inches tall).


SMALL 6-3/4 54 21-1/8
TO SMALL 6-7/8 55 21-1/2

MEDIUM 7 56 21-7/8
TO MEDIUM 7-1/8 57 22-1/4

LARGE 7-1/4 58 22-5/8
TO LARGE 7-3/8 59 23

X-LARGE 7-1/2 60 23-1/2
TO X-LARGE 7-5/8 61 23-7/8

For a hat to fit properly, it is very important to measure your head size correctly before ordering. This is actually very simple. Using a tape measure, the type a seamstress uses is best because you can easily wrap it around your head (a piece of string will also work). Place the tape measure (or string) around your head slightly above the eyebrows and ears, approximately the width of a finger. If your measurement is tight, your hat may also be a tighter fit. A Loose measurement will result in a looser fitting hat. Take note of the measurement and repeat two or three more times to ensure a correct measurement (measure the string against a tape measure) and find the measurement on the chart closest to yours. If you have not ordered a hat for a while, be sure to re-measure, as different hair styles, weight gain or loss, aging and other factors can give you a different hat size today than in the past.


Materials: satin brocade,home decor fabric,upholstry,tapestry

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