Red and Creamy Curly Tuque Hat

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This is a one of a kind handmade red colored wool beanie. Each strand of wool is individually spun to give a bouncy hairlike texture on top. Wear it snowboarding, skiing, or add it to your unique street style. Sheep’s hair strands will react differently to different temperatures and humidity. A stylish and unique hat that will keep your head cozy.

Hat comes with wash and care instructions. Last image shows its best to fold it inside out when not in use. This keeps the strands protected from snags.

********Photos in images were taken at the beach. The hat was more full bodied due to the salty sea air! Hat may be less full in warmer dry climates. Photos show the perfect example of how these hats are reactive to weather. They are such a fun accessory and alive with personality. Have fun!

“The Curly Tuque” hat
One size fits all

*Colors: Cream, pinks, and multi-toned red


Beanie- about 7” high

Strands- about 4-6” high
***Varies due to weather, humidity and how much fun you’re having!