Fox Set: Fox Clip on Ears, Fox Tail and matching Leg Warmers SET

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What does the fox say?

~ Animal friendly faux fur. This fox set is made of the most realistic fox fur out there clled Canadian Fox Honey faux fur. Very soft and the color is beautiful. It makes for great realistic looking fox tails.

~ The fox ears clip on to even short hair like mine with non slip grip clips. The lining is gold tapestry satin brocade which is also found on the small loop at the top of the fox tail that the silver keychain clip attaches to.

~ Leg Warmers are 20 inches in length with a flare boot cut measuring 15 inches to completely cover your 5 inch platform boots. If you want a skinny bootcut or the length to be shortened please let me know and I will customize them for you.

** Allow 2 weeks for production. If I have the fur in stock I do my best to get it out with in a few days. If you need it sooner don't hesitate to ask availability.

** Shipping is via USPS Priority mail which takes 2-3 business days in the US and 6-10 days Internationally. I have faster shipping available as well, just ask if needed.

Materials: Faux fur,Satin brocade,Silver keychain clip,Non slip grip clips

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