Fully Customizable Bunny Tails

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** You can now get these bunny tails with LED lights in them! Lighted bunny tails are $15 extra. Just let me know at checkout that you want your bunny tail to glow and let me know what color lights you would like: red, blue, green or white.

~ Fully Customizable Bunny Tails can be any choice of fur shown in swatches for the top layer and white extra long pile faux fur on bottom layer.

~ You can choose to not have the white extra long pile faux fur on bottom layer and just have the one fur of your choice for both layers.

~ Tails are shaped in a triangle and filled with poly fill to give them a realistic look of actual fluffy bunny tails.

~ Tails come with two safety pins to fasten the back of your pants.

~ Can be worn alone for that fun added accessory with your everyday wear or look for my matching Rabbit Hoodies and matching leg warmers to make a complete set to your costume.

*** Allow 2 weeks for production and shipping. I ship via Priority Mail which takes 3 business days to arrive. You will receive a delivery confirmation number via email once shipped.

Materials: Faux Fur,Poly Fill,Safety pins